NFT Battle Card & Synthesizing System

  • To get NFT Battle Cards, players can either purchase them in the Marketplace or use NFT Master Cards to summon them. It is recommended that players take the opportunity to purchase the mystery boxes during the official sales since it’s more possible to get the NFT Master Card at a lower price; then players can summon NFT Battle Cards and start building your own deck earlier to maximize your benefits. NFT Battle Cards can be used for trading with other players, daily automatic mining, and participating PVP and PVE battles.
  • In the game mode PVP and PVE, Players need to have acquired at least 30 NFT Battle Cards before they can start fighting for victory. Similar to the NFT Master Cards, there are also four different rarity degrees of NFT Battle Cards: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.
  • Through using the Synthesizing System, players can consume ERA and GOT tokens to combine the exact same two NFT Battle Cards (the same rarity degree, same character, and same Lv.), to create a level-up NFT, Battle Card. In the version that will be launched this time, we open the 5th level of Synthesis up to the highest level.
  • Lv.1 + Lv.1 = Lv.2(total of 2 cards needed)
    Lv.2 + Lv.2 = Lv.3(total of 4 cards needed)
    Lv.3 + Lv.3 = Lv.4(total of 8 cards needed)
    Lv.4 + Lv.4 = Lv.5(total of 16 cards needed)
  • Synthesized NFT Battle Cards will randomly gain higher attack power, defence power, and/or other values, including increasing the mining power (Hashate).
    Higher levels of NFT Battle Cards not only perform better in fighting and mining, but also have higher market value, which means they can be traded at a high price in the Marketplace, and overall increase profits to players.
Last modified 4mo ago