Brawl Tavern

Brawl Tavern is a PvP mode that allows you to customize the battle room.
You can unlock it when you reach Lv. 6 in Quick Match. You can either create your own room or join a room created by another player, having a 1v1 battle.


1. [ ? ]: Brawl Tavern Rules
2. Filter Menu – [Combat Power] (the total Combat Power of Battle Cards and Master Card)
There are 5 levels: ≤1200, ≤1800, ≤2400, ≤3200, and ∞.
3. Available Room: Tick on this checkbox, the battle rooms in the Tavern lobby will be filtered by [Bet Amount] and [Combat Power], and only the rooms that can be joined will be displayed.
4. [Reset]: Click on [Reset] to reset all filters.
5. Room Status: Waiting, Battling, or Full.
6. Avatar
Before the battle starts, every player’s profile only shows the default avatar, Rookie; after the battle starts, the NFT Master Cards that the players set as their avatars will appear.
7. Room Number
8. [Join]:
To enter the battle room, you need to meet the matching requirements of the room, including holding enough Game ERA Token to place a bet and the Combat Power of your deck being in the same range of level.
9. The Combat Power of your chosen deck.
The Calculation Rule of Combat Power:
10. [Search]
a. Enter the Room Number and search for the corresponding room.
b. You will be asked for a Room Password if it is an encrypted room.
11. [Create]
a. Create your own room by customizing the match settings based on your own requirement: the size of the Bet Amount and the maximum Combat Power of the deck. The selections that you fail to meet their requirements will be greyed out.
b. Switch on to allow the system to generate a random Room Password for your private room.
12. [Ready]:
a. Click on [Ready] when you are ready to start the battle.
b. The battle begins when both players are ready.
13. [Remove]: Only the host can remove the player from the room.