An introduction to Era7’s cards

  • Bite-sized 3-minute games enable a boundless plethora of strategies, providing the gamers with endless variety and fun. Players will be rewarded endlessly if they can demonstrate their skill and strategic planning.
  • Era7 allows players to experience the value in GameFi, with a very low threshold for entry. Era7’s cards are divided into Master cards and Battle cards. Various cards of various races increase the richness and playability of the game tenfold. There are seven forces and up to 1,000 cards to choose from; truly endless variety for the player.
  • Era7 cards are also NFTs. They have a high collector’s value and appreciate with time, not to mention that they can be used to fight and summon new cards!
  • Era7 gives the official community all rights related to Era 7 cards in their possession; the team is only responsible for auctioning the original genus of Era7 cards. Later genera are sold on by the players. Each card is unique and has different attributes and combat statistics.
  • Era7 provides Gamefi players with something fresh and new, and we believe that the game will attract tens of millions of players. Initially, we will launch Era7 cards of four qualities. When a new player enters Era7, he or she needs to buy master cards and obtain Era7 tokens through combat and summoning. Undoubtedly, the value of these cards shall grow day by day.
  • Era7 features two types of cards: Master cards and Battle Cards. Players need at least 30 battle cards to start a battle and the total number of cards in the game is expected to exceed 1,000. Master Cards and Battle Cards are NFTs, and the game clings to a strong principle of play-to-earn: